Resourcing your independence

We are all about helping unit owners and investors reach a level of control and self management of their strata affairs.

To assist in this endeavour we have gathered certain resources, both public and members only.

Knowledge is power

Our exclusive Knowledge Bank is the first port of call for any member seeking an answer to their query.  It is a keyword searchable database of practical tips, fact sheets and past articles on useful topics.  For ease of use it is broken down into categories that represent most owners’ or investors’ areas of interest.

The genius of the Knowledge Bank is that if you don’t find what you are looking for, as a member you are welcome to contact us and we will draw on our wider resources to do our best to provide guidance from amongst our experienced committee members, volunteers and supporters.  The Knowledge Bank grows every time we take a question from a member and provide an answer which is not already addressed in the bank.  So, as you learn – we share!

You will find the entry to the members’  Knowledge Bank in the Members’ Portal menu or through the categories listed in the side bar when you are logged in as a member.

Laws and orders

As a public service, we have gathered in one place the applicable laws and regulations as well as a link to past adjudication orders decided by the Commissioner’s office.  In just a few clicks you have at your disposal the resources necessary to research your position, whether for mounting your own adjudication case, conciliation or internal dispute resolution.

We even went one better by making available official forms so you can start your processes.

Past publications

Finally, we have made available exclusively to our members the past issues of our flagship magazine, Unit News.  Enjoy!

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