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Bugden Allen Lawyers Tool Kits


An A4 booklet containing 6 Tool Kits provided by Bugden Allen Laywers.



At Bugden Allen Laywers, we recognise the legal challenges of owning and living in a home unit, townhouse or villa home community.

The Bugden Allen Laywers Tool Kits provide important information to help you become familiar with and navigate common body corporate issues.

The Bugden Allen Laywers Tool Kits cover 6 key areas: By-Law Enforcement Tool Kit, Management Rights ‘top up’ Tool Kit, Transfer of Management Rights Tool Kit, Enforcing Caretaking Duties Tool Kit, Instructing a Lawyer Tool Kit and Service Contract Review Tool Kit.

The information in these Tool Kits is general information only. That information and the Tool Kits themselves are no substitute for advice based on the actual facts of the situation. If you have issues of the type dealt with in these Tool Kits you should obtain competent legal advice and not rely solely on the Tool Kits.

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