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A Tale of Two Towers – flyer


An A4 flyer (which opens to A3) of the feature article in the printed magazine Unit News Summer 2018 – 2019.



We have created a flyer from the featured, and the most talked about, story of the current printed edition – A Tale of Two Towers.  It is a real case study on two very similar schemes demonstrating the importance of active committee and involved owners.  The regular mark-to-market of service providers (such as insurance, BCM and caretaking/MR) for one scheme lead to a substantial decrease in owners’ levies, while doing “business as usual” of the other scheme had the opposite, rising effect on owners’ levies.

It has been demonstrated that there is an indirect correlation between the size of the levies and the value of the properties.

The flyer is professionally printed and can be used for notice boards, mail outs or letter box drops by any owner seeking to support the call for good management of their body corporate.

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Weight.019 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × .01 cm