Membership Benefits

A strata title property is either an owner’s home or investment yet it is also subject to laws, regulations and contractual arrangements that not always deliver outcomes that meet expectations.  A UOAQ membership makes you part of an organisation dedicated solely to an owner’s perspective.

Why Become A Member?

Being a not-for-profit volunteer community organisation, the Unit Owners Association of Queensland is dedicated to improving the lifestyles and representation of people who live and invest in units and town houses. Our core objective is to be an effective custodian of information for and representative for the interests of unit owners in Queensland.

Our membership base is growing steadily. We operate by an effective team of like-minded people serving as both committee members and volunteers. This has delivered value to our charter by support on day-to-day issues to members and advocacy for the perspective of owners and investors who, while underwrite the strata industry, are often taken for granted by it.

Our membership gives you the access to people and support.  We develop relevant content through our Unit News Online, our Knowledge Bank, website posts and Newsflashes.  These publications aim to keep members abreast of developments in community title living on the topics of living and advocacy. ‘Unit News Online’ is our electronic magazine delivered directly to your email address.

Types of membership

Owners in a body corporate are represented by your committee day-to-day, but even as an owner you may need assistance with having your voice heard at this level or support with matters that only affect you.  That is why there are two levels of membership:

Individual membership

Is designed for the needs of individual unit owners. It also keeps them informed about current strata topics and informs on issues an individual owner- occupier or investor may have vis-a-vis other entities in bodies corporate – be it the caretaker, other owners, body corporate managers, or their own body corporate committee.

Find out what you get as an individual member here.

Building membership

Addresses issues at the level of body corporate committees and bodies corporate, which are usually more complex. There is a minimum one year membership term.  It is designed to meet the growing needs of building committees to develop a comprehensive approach through mentoring on strata issues.  It is not exclusive to a particular size of complex and caters for the needs of any sized building.

Find out what you get as a building member here.

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