Imagine harmonious unit, apartment and townhouse lifestyle living with…


Straightforward support that listens to...

  • resolve confusion…
  • you on strata disputes
  • your needs for specialists in strata
  • your desire for greater building efficiency

Harmony Filled Unit Living

  • you get peace of mind in dealing with an organisation that has been dedicated for over forty years only to the perspectives and interests of unit owners and investors.

Member Benefits…

Member Content For Your New Strata Lifestyle…

  • ‘Unit News’ Online Magazine – packed with valuable content to ensure you get the most out of quality unit lifestyle living!
  • News Flashes – never be caught short-changed or surprised with our critical alerts that effect every unit owner!
  • Exclusive Articles – get peace of mind on everything effecting unit living with exclusive members only articles!
  • Knowledge Bank – with access the full range of UOAQ Knowledge Bank articles you’ll have your questions answered.

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Enhanced Information Sessions




Competitive Insurance Premiums


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A Voice to Industry Leadership   

Easy Access To Strata Specialists…

Strata situations can become complicated and emotionally draining. Being in the centre of strata life in Queensland for over forty years means that if you have a need we will likely be able to refer you to a specialist who can help.

Members only are also entitled to our supporter member benefits advertised from time to time.

Influence The Legal Framework That Governs Your Strata Experience

Have you identified ways that regulations should be changed to benefit unit owners?

The Unit Owners Association of Queensland exists solely to represent our members, and that means being a powerful advocate for meaningful change through listening closely to our members and effecting positive change in the industry through regular meetings with government bodies.

Help us, help you have a voice for change that will impact your quality of life – as a member, you can tell us what you want and need right away!


Dedicated Support Service

Never feel helpless with you unit or apartment problems again!

We’ve got you covered with a dedicated unit owners ‘Help Line’ that you can call to get quick answers and recommendations of how to find solutions to all types of unit specific problems and challenges.

This service is completely complimentary as part of your membership. There is no limit on how much you can use it!


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