Sustainable Living Policy

Since 1997 when the new BCCM Act was introduced, unit owners have raised concerns as to the financial detriment to owners which arise from long term contracts with no mechanism for market review.

If the status quo remains, the costs of unit living will continue to grow well beyond the reach of ordinary home owners who may wish to live a unit lifestyle and leave a lighter footprint on our environment.

All stakeholders, including Developers, Caretakers, Real Estate Agents, Banks, Insurance Companies, Builders, Lawyers and Body Corporate Managers will benefit if unit living remains sustainable in the medium to long term.

The UOAQ promote and protect the rights of individual owners over the competing interests of suppliers, agents and other service providers to the Body Corporate industry.

It is time to right the balance so that Unit Living and the Tourism Industry can thrive well into the future.

The Unit Owners Association of Queensland, the volunteer industry body representing unit owners in Queensland, believes the following urgent issues must be addressed to provide relief and reinstate confidence in the Community Titled Scheme industry.

Sustainable Living Policy addresses:

  1. Rates.
  2. Body corporate fees.
  3. Land tax.
  4. Increasing investor returns on investments.

Management Rights Policy:

  1. Complex/Building Offices and essential facilities are to be located on the common property of the Body Corporate and may be made available to the successful tenderer.
  2. Stop Extensions and Topping up of contracts.
  3. Caretaking agreements limited to a maximum 3 years.
  4. Stop Conversions from Standard to Accommodation Module.
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