Short-term stays

PLEASE NOTE: There is a Discussion Paper released for submissions with respect to NCC and short-term stays accommodation in apartment buildings.  It is important that all affected owners make a submission to have their views heard and recorded.
The deadline for submission is 8 April 2018.

Read UOAQ submission here.

You can find correspondence of UOAQ and / or its members relating to the topic of unlawful use of premises for short-term accommodation in residential buildings.  We will add to the letters as we progress in our efforts to advocate for the rights of owners in residential (Class 2) buildings not to have their homes turned into hotels.

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Letting Agents’ Hidden Rewards

Letting Agents’ Hidden Rewards

12.1:  Shhh… Its a Secret!!! ‘Don’t even ask’ has been the general rule up to now. But change is in the air… There was a recent decision from the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) which may be of considerable interest to unit owners in Queensland, especially those who have short-term letting arrangements with letting […]

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