Our Executive Team

for 2016-2017



Wayne is a retired accountant who spent his entire career in the entertainment industry, managing such events as The Great Moscow Circus and Torvill & Dean on an international basis. Wayne lives in a high-rise unit on the Gold Coast and took an interest in bodies corporate some 30 years ago when he became Chairman of Atlantis West, a 170-residential unit block.

In 2000, he became Chairman of The Phoenician, a resort at Broadbeach with 330 lots including both residential and commercial. Because of complaints of poor returns from owners in the letting pool, he lodged a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading in 2003 that saw the Manager at The Phoenician charged with almost 3,000 breaches of the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act.

Wayne has 30 years of dealing with body corporate issues in properties on the Gold Coast. He has made numerous representations, together with other UOAQ colleagues to government departments, the commissioners and the ministers. He is considerably experienced in the prime issues that concern unit owners and willing to pursue the equity he believes they should be entitled to.



Bob has until recently resided in the large CBD Brisbane complex since inception of the building. He was Chairperson for the first 6 years, then Treasurer and Committee Member for many years out of the 21 years since registration.

Bob has 45 years’ experience as a practising accountant and small business proprietor. Bob is also an ASIC registered investment adviser.

He developed a financial research data base for bodies corporate industry allowing benchmarking/analysis of financial performance of bodies corporate based on audited financial accounts.

Further, Bob developed cash flow management service for body corporates to significantly improve the financial return from bank accounts over the low returns arranged by Body Corporate Managers.

Bob is an advocate for the rights of owners.


Committee Member

Paul has been a member for over 11 years, working on the committee level for 10 years. Paul was involved in class 3 ventilation testing for high rise apartments. (class 2 clarification) and he set up the Treasurers Guild in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

He has been involved as Secretary and Treasurer of this complex for 9.5 years.  He worked in BCM area for 12 months and has been MC at unit owner’s seminars both on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Paul holds a certificate IV in Body Corporate Management, a Diploma of Project Management and Certificate IV Business Management. He has been editor of Unit News and Unit News Online for 4 years and active member of the NO campaign in Queensland since 2004.

Paul has also been an active committee member and president for B.A.R.E. introducing savings for unit owners of $9.6 million per year since 2009.


Committee Member

Roger has been a Committee Member for over ten years, been a Secretary for seven years and lived in Carmel by the Sea and other strata titled high rise buildings for the past twenty years.

Roger has a vast body corporate experience and is a member of UOAQ since 1998.

Roger’s body corporate activities include being speaker and/or presenter at public seminars on the Gold Coast. He has drafted and implemented programs/schedules in mixed holiday-let owner-occupied resort, such as facilities maintenance and management.

Roger is active advocate for strata title owners’ rights and control of their assets.


Committee Member

Mike is semi-retired and has served as executive committee member on several bodies corporate for more than 20 years.  While maintaining business interests in the sustainable energy space he has enjoyed a rewarding career in secondary and tertiary education sectors in the fields of information technology, industrial design and engineering.  Mike holds multiple post-graduate qualifications to Master’s degree in these fields.

Mike is eager to assist owners where able.  He is currently more involved in advocating with respect to the unlawful use of Class 2 residential dwelling units for transient and short-term accommodation and undisclosed commissions.

Mike supports the voice of unit owners and the exercise of their rights according to law.

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