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MYBOS is a, web-based residential and building management software. Owned in Australia and developed in-house and is flexible and adaptable to the needs of the user.

The system includes the Resident Dashboard, Case Management, Preventive Maintenance, Community Portal, Parcel Tracking, Keyminder, and Booking System.  Our product is implemented by the building management team and intended for use with residents, building managers, employees and stakeholders.

Utilising our Residential Community Portal, the resident user has access to the updated building forms and notices and report maintenance issues.  Our software also allows residents to easily and conveniently book appointments for things like tennis court, gym equipment, and other amenities offered by the apartment complex.

MYBOS is an efficient system for building managers and allows the user to manage of all of their properties from the convenience of one interface from anywhere in the world through the internet.  Our management portal delivers instant and customizable reports, detailed case management for tracking building repairs, maintenance schedule, and many other features.


VoIPforce are the pioneers of the Duress & Emergency Lift Phone Service (DET). With the nbn roll-out in full swing, we provide the seamless & simple solution that enables your emergency lift phone to operate 24/7, 365 even in the event of an NBN outage.

Currently, there is no guarantee that your emergency lift phone technology is operational when there is a network outage – offering a cellular, battery powered backup for your lift phone during an NBN outage, DET future proofs your lift phone.

Strata Insurance Solutions offers affordable and transparent strata insurance, without excessive payments to strata managers. Strata Insurance Solutions are client focused and have built a very large client base from finding the best and competitive policies.

We challenge the norms of how insurance is normally arranged because we do not believe high referral fees and commissions should come at an ultimate cost to owners. Subsequently, clients deal directly with us and are provided with a commission rebate directly back to the body corporate insurance premiums, which is a direct saving for your unit owners.

As reported on March 2017, Strata Insurance Solutions have saved clients referred by the UOAQ over $225,000 on their insurance premiums.

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