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Ensuring the viability and long-term stability of unit ownership by promoting and protecting the rights of unit owner’s as the major stakeholders in property registered under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 or its precedents whether the units be used for residential, commercial or industrial purposes; by

  1. Vesting building ownership and control in the body corporate; and
  2. Restricting ownership costs to those of equivalent private property.

For three decades the UOAQ – a not for profit association, has represented the consumer sector of the Community Title Scheme (CTS) industry and has always worked towards a cohesive and productive relationship with government and related commercial entities in this industry sector. Historically we believe the Government has been at the forefront of Community Title legislation throughout the country. However over the past five years or so it is our firm belief that some of the legislation has been sidestepped by various operators within the industry, resulting in it becoming increasingly difficult to promote the ongoing viability of Unit procurement and habitation in the medium to longer term.

The ramifications of these results not only affect the Body Corporate and Community Management (B.C.C.M.) area of Government but also the financial future of the State with regard to affordability, sustainability and the tourism industry. Where an active and effective body corporate committee can control the cost of the building then that particular building becomes not only an enviable place to live but also to invest in. Currently there are legislative constraints that are making it extremely difficult if not impossible, to ensure that these complexes are affordable to live or invest in.

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