The findings and recommendations of QUT’s review of body corporate by-laws, debt recovery and scheme termination have been released for public consultation. QUT has made 29 recommendations in its report ‘Government Property Law Review: Options Paper Recommendations Body corporate governance issues: By-laws, debt recovery and scheme termination’.

QUT’s recommendations seek to:

  • improve the ability of bodies corporate to make and enforce by-laws dealing with issues such as the towing of vehicles, the keeping of pets, and nuisances created by second-hand cigarette smoke drift between units;
  • improve the ability of bodies corporate to recover unpaid body corporate contributions from lot owners; and
  • facilitate the redevelopment of ageing and uneconomic community titles schemes.

The QUT recommendations are intended to align with the objects of the BCCM Act, in particular to balance the rights of individuals with the responsibility for self-management as an inherent aspect of community titles schemes, ensure that bodies corporate have control of the common property and the body corporate assets they are responsible for managing on behalf of lot owners, and give bodies corporate the flexibility they need to deal with changing circumstances within community titles schemes.

Before making any decisions about possible changes to the current laws about body corporate by-laws, debt recovery and scheme termination, the Government would like to hear community and industry views on QUT’s recommendations.

You can send comments on QUT’s recommendations to:



C/- Office of Regulatory Policy
Department of Justice and Attorney-General
GPO Box 3111
Brisbane QLD 4001.

The time for submissions closes on 5 May 2017.

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