Fostering harmony, community, co-operative and efficient living in a strata environment

Queensland Management Rights: Termination Rights Questioned by Academia

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Harmony for owners and investors

Better unit investments and enhanced livability start with trusted information and support.

Since 1978 the Unit Owners Association of Queensland has been serving unit owners and voicing the interests of owners and investors.

Whether you are an owner, investor or body corporate committee, the UOAQ is for you.



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Join as an Individual


Owners and investors join for many reasons beyond the support they sometimes need in dealing with their body corporate. Individual membership keeps you up to date with the matters affecting you as an owner, gives you a voice and provides access to exclusive member benefits that we arrange from time to time. 

Join as a Building


Becoming a Building Member gains the committee access to invaluable mentoring and often results in quantifiable savings to the body corporate. Whether you are navigating challenging terrain or just a new committee learning the ropes, a Building Membership is almost an essential tool to take the stress out of your committee role.

What they are saying about us

“I personally don’t think our body corporate committee could have coped through it’s recent ordeal if it wasn’t for the UOAQ supporting and encouraging us with ideas that we hadn’t thought were possible or realisable, and putting us on to others who have likewise been helpful and supportive of our endeavours. The cost of this incredible service is negligible and their service includes finding savings within your accounts to at least the cost of the membership.”

Tracy Barling

Treasurer, Paradise Palms

“During this stressful period the UOAQ provided strategy and assistance guiding the Committee to retake control of its complex and transition to a new service provider which understands its service obligations and role in being supportive of the Committee”.

Susan Pankhurst

Chairperson, Raintrees Townhouses

“Being informed and educated, and being represented by an organisation with a strong voice, is vital if Owners are serious about wanting to protect their investments. I strongly recommend that all Queensland Body Corporates subscribe annually and benefit from the knowledge and services that the UOAQ provide to its members.”

Helen Seitam

Secretary / Chairperson, Coniston

“I have been a member of the Unit Owners Association of Queensland for the last 4 years and have greatly valued their advice during that time. I have placed great stock in their guidance and have enjoyed some hard fought for gains in our dealings with all members / service providers of the body corporate and committee at this property.”

Vic Adamthwaite

Park Regis

What we believe in

The UOAQ believes that community living in Queensland should give owners and investors control over their homes and investments. This experience should deliver the natural benefits of apartment living such as cost-of-living efficiency and community harmony.

It is for these reasons that the UOAQ is dedicated to supporting the owners, investors and committees that underwrite the strata living industry in Queensland by:

  • Knowledge sharing and support
  • A ‘Voice’
  • Member benefits

Whether you are an owner, investor or committee the UOAQ is for you.

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